Company Profile

D4CARCAMPING Company Profile

D4CARCAMPING creates and leads the culture of “car camping” by combining cars and camping, and manufactures and produces “custom tents” for each type of vehicle.

In Korea, D4CARCAMPING has grown into the most recognized brand in the field of car camping (trunk camping) in just 3 years or so, and is still growing steadily and firmly established in this field.

“Car camping” is different from “camping car”; “camping car” refers to a car made for camping, but “car camping” refers to camping using SUVs, RVs, or wagons that you usually drive.

By incorporating tent technology and clothing technology into the car tent, we have succeeded in completely fixing it to a vehicle without any separate support, and the secondary finishing around the inner trunk molding protects the interior of the vehicle from wind, pest, rain, etc.

Our goal is to grow into a global “car camping” brand with steady development of technology and new ideas. Thank you.